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Quiz #1 - Customer Service

1. Mrs. Simpson fell and broke her leg while she was taking a walk with another nursing assistant.  To give her great customer service, you should: 


A. Make sure she always uses a wheel chair.

B. Give her an extra dessert at dinner.

C. Be patient if she says she’s afraid to walk with you.

D. Keep her in bed with the side rails up.



2. Internal customers are more important than external customers.


           True         False


3. If you are responsive to a client’s needs, it means that you:


A. Solve problems as quickly as you can.

B. Are able to put yourself in the client’s shoes.

C. Know what you are doing

D. Always wear clean uniforms


4. It’s poor customer service to say negative things to a client about one of our coworkers.


           True         False


5. If a client complains about something you did, you should:


A. As your supervisor to assign the client someone else.

B. Ignore the situation until it blows over.

C. Tell the client you were just following orders.

D. Tell the client you’re sorry that he is upset.


6. To improve your customer service skills, you should:


A. Give your clients whatever they ask for.

B. Practice listening carefully when your clients speak.

C. Work overtime every day.

D. Tell the client


7.) Your clients have the right to be told how to make a complaint.


True         False


8.) Knowing the personal preference of your clients and co-worker will help you provide excellent customer service.

True         False


9.) It’s best not to tell your clients when you’ll see them next so they won’t notice if you’re late.


True         False


10.) Telling someone you’ll be there “soon” may lead to a misunderstanding.


True         False



This concludes Quiz #1.

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