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Quiz #2 - Safe Transfer

  1. A transfer is considered safe if:


A. The client is moved to where he/she wants to be.

B. No one falls down during the transfer.

C. The transfer takes less than five minutes.

D. Neither you nor the client is injured during the maneuver.


2. Lifting 40 pounds of feathers is easier than lifting 40 pounds of lead.


True      or       False


3. Mrs. Brown needs to be transferred from her bed to a wheelchair.  She weighs 275 pounds and is    

       not able to assist during the transfer. You should:


A. Suggest that she stay in bed until later.

B. Get help from a coworker or two.

C. Try to transfer the client yourself.

D. Tell your supervisor that the client is too heavy to move.


4. If you have bad posture and you use the wrong muscles during your daily work, you are putting    

             yourself at risk for a back injury.


                      True    or   False


5, It usually takes more time to do a lift safely than it does to do it unsafely.


True      or       False


6. The man/woman may hurt his/her back lifting from the position below because:


A. The box is on the floor

B. His/hers arms are straight

C. He/she is bending from the waist, not from the knees

D. His/her feet are too far apart.




7. If you are transferring a client who has had a stroke, you should put the wheelchair near his weaker side.


True      or       False


8. People who don’t exercise and who smoke have a higher risk of getting a back injury.


True      or       False


9. It’s best to have your client wear socks during a transfer so that they can slide easily across the     



True      or       False


10. It’s okay to transfer clients by yourself if they weigh 100 pounds or less.


True      or       False

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